What Do We Do Now?

logo-standardOne of the associate ministers at my church spoke to us Sunday and the sermon was entitled ‘What Do We Do Now?’ What do we do now after we have achieved a lofty goal? I wrestle with this some after making an accomplishment. What will I do next that will provide me a sense of purpose? I then thought of my continuous battle with anxiety and the fact that I cannot find contentment. May be if I was content then I might take things for granted more than I do. I may become complacent and not advocate for what inspires me. I know what inspires me, which is my art work, preservation and restoration does not cause any disrespect toward others. Sometimes what others advocate can be misguided if it disrespects other people. These I think are what would be termed zealots? Anyway, this Sunday morning was another reminder to me that I have much to be grateful for with my troubled mind.


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