To Pray

22128704-the-word-prayer-made-from-vintage-lead-letterpress-type-on-a-leather-backgroundFunny that this happened while I had been reading the book How to Be Heard in Heaven. The other day I was disturbed to hear that someone was praying for a particular outcome. I am amazed that people can continually be naive about this type of demand. It is not our place to impose our will on God. All we can ask is fortitude in handling any issues that may come our way. I may hope for a certain outcome if it will give me solace or positivity, but if the outcome does not unfold itself as I would prefer, I cannot let it impact me negatively. I often find myself saying why can I not be that way or why can’t that happen to me. It does not happen because that is not my path. All I can do is try to do my best with the resources that I have that are available to me. I think that this is all God expects of me. So if other people appear to be more ambitious that me that is okay. They may be better equipped at handling challenges before them rather than myself. If I become overwhelmed my depression will worsen and I don’t need to go back to the place I was before.


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  1. How bold you were to share your story so publicly, Michael. And yet where better to do it than in a Christian community surrounded by love. I wish I had known you were sharing it and I would have come to your class today. Let’s talk soon about getting together.

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