St Mark Methodist

logo-standardI gave my presentation to the Interactions Class at St Mark Methodist. The topic of discussion was mental illness and my recovery through it and how my art work has given me new direction in life. Everyone stated they so enjoyed my discussion. I asked the class if anyone had  been affected by mental illness and one person stated that their father had and another person had a partner to commit suicide due to it. I shared with the class some of my art work that were considered the cornerstones of milestones of my life. My first drawing at the age of 23; my last at the age of 40; the first drawing I did before picking it back up again at 53; the drawing the gave my representation at Mason Art Gallery; and the drawing into the Southeastern Pastel Society. Everyone loved my work. I also shared how my relationship with God as been throughout my life and how I cannot fully trust. I hope that I relieved some of the stigma that mental illness can generate to the people in the class.


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