326_3480850I have always gone to church. There is something about it that provides for me affirmation. The people there may only be acquaintances but there is comfort in being accounted for in an environment that welcomes you for who you are. Many people, however, are unable to find that sweet spot and are unable to find a church that does not use judgement to condemn particularly with gay folk. I have experienced this once while attending a week long church summer camp. The one place where you should be finding a safe christian haven turned out to be a living hell at the time. I was not surprised when I went. Why would this be any different from school. Children are cruel and to this day I don’t like them. But my mother insisted that I go. There was this one girl who was particularly cruel and I remember her parents picked her up in an Imperial. I just wanted to go up to them and ask them if they knew just what kind of daughter they had. But even after this incident I knew it was them and not my connection with God so I kept going. With every move I have made, and there have been several, I made it a priority to find a church to acclimate myself and get to know people. It has served me well. God looks out for me.


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