photoAs stated in the book Empty No More, “Loneliness is real, pervasive, and universal. We see it everywhere, from teenage suicide attempts to dating websites. Loneliness is not simply being alone, but being unfulfilled relationally, spiritually, and emotionally. It is a kind of emotional estrangement, a sense of being cut off or disconnected. We can feel lonely sitting in a crowed bus, a mall, a football stadium, or in the middle of a full church auditorium. Loneliness touches us all. If you are a leader, you carry burdens no one else does, and you understand the weight of isolated responsibility. As the saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top”. Or perhaps you’ve joined the thousands each year who move. The moving has carried your earthly possessions to a new location, but there is so much you’ve left behind. As the weeks turn into months, the feeling of loneliness grows, and you’re frustrated at how difficult it is to make new friends. Or maybe high school graduation has finally occurred for your youngest child. The joy of such an achievement may feel satisfying-but the empty nest, not so much. There are many unhealthy ways to deal with loneliness, and I think I’ve tried most of them. You can turn to unhealthy relationships, withdraw from the world, or retreat into the bottle or the party scene. I found that addiction can begin in an attempt to escape loneliness, but before too long it actually fosters it. The more you rely on a substance or behavior, the more private your addiction becomes, the more secretive your actions become, the more alone you are. Work and hobbies offer nice diversions, but the end result of loneliness remains the same.”

I have experienced loneliness for most of my life. God’s intention to have others in our lives started with Adam and Eve. Despite having a supportive family and friends who genuinely care for me, I must do my part to maintain these relationships and however I still feel empty and have concern of feeling isolated. As I move into my new home, of which I am proud, I hope I can be content there and not have the feeling of loneliness/isolation ruin it for me. At the present time I do not have a special someone to share my life. I do have my artwork, community activities, friends and family to help with the loneliness but where is my spiritual relationship with God? I think this is what is missing in my life and needs to be cultivated more so that I don’t feel so lonely. I am working on this.



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  1. Hey Michael, I pray for you for joy in your life. I especially pray that God will fill the empty spaces in you and possibly that will relieve some of the loneliness you feel. I look forward to hearing about your settling into your new home. May it be everything you want it to be.

    On another note, I wanted to let you know that I am not going to be playing bells this year. I’ll miss seeing you!



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