95d4cce1297738c5bfdfb8b293a199a2Simple acts of kindness with little effort can sometimes have significant impact on others which then in turn result in joy. The acts of kindness need to be personal rather than universal such as advocating for a cause. I received an email message from someone from church after they saw my website and specifically this blog. Their words were so affirming that it gave me joy. I helped a friend move some furniture the other day. She said she could not have done it as easily if I had not been there. It meant so much to her. Another friend asked me to go to a festival since she had no one to go with. Because I went she was so thankful. All of the simple words of appreciation I receive on Facebook when I post pictures of my drawings makes the day all that more joyful. We can all spread joy through simple acts of kindness. It can go a long way.


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