Future in faith

As stated in the book I have been reading, Empty No More, “The words we speak to ourselves are very important. They shape our view of ourselves and our future. They mold our identity.”

With God’s help I hope to find reassurance that the road I have traveled is the right one for me. The belief and what tell myself I have experienced has lead me to working as an artist in pastels. That I can rebuild my overall self confidence by slowly marketing myself to make myself known without getting impatient which will only lead to self defeatism. Will my disposition continue to cause me anxiety? Will I be able to recognize and appreciate the joys and leave what it is I perceive as suffering behind? What is next for me?

My faith is an open book.


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  1. One of my FAVORITE quotes! “The ‘me’ I see is the ‘me’ I’ll be.” Came to mind after reading this current posting.

    It was great to see you at the dinner last night. I love that you are getting out and being social. The one time in my life when I struggled with a few months of depression, I realized I needed to be in the world of people, not home alone.

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