get-attachment.aspxIn the book ‘Unfinished’ by Richard Sterns it is stated that we are commissioned to be disciples of Christ. How can I be a disciple when I do not even fully understand what all our savior has taught us? He loved everyone. This task in of itself is a daunting one. I have spoken about my problem regarding prejudgement of others without even getting to know them. So how is it that I am to love? Perhaps this is where the 12 step program enters in and it is called detachment. When I feel that certain behaviors of others are unhealthy for me then I disengage. Perhaps where the love factors in is protecting myself by disengagement and not showing disrespect to others by judging them and telling them they are wrong. I am confused by spreading the gospel of Christ. I do not wish to convert anyone by word for fear of disrespect. I hope that my actions can make up for my lack of words. I speak freely about where I go to church. I invite others to the church. I hope that this is acting as a disciple of Christ.

The book states further to make a comparison of body building and to people that only flex their spiritual muscles for show as body builders do rather than truly living the Christ discipleship. I have a problem with this comparison. I have heard that many people have found direction in life through the commitment of body building. I have been fortunate enough to have had interaction with body builders and most of them are willing to share their knowledge of healthy living. I was saddened to read this misinformed example of not following through on Christ’s discipleship. The book has gone on further to say ‘even with our greater understanding we still insult the King, going off instead to pursue our own priorities, our careers, our lifestyles, our social lives, and our happiness – even as the King beckons us.’

Are we not to pursue the gifts and talents that God has bestowed on us to develop and nurture in order for us to be examples for others in the name of our savior? Is this not a form of discipleship? I would like to think so.


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