Childhood bullying

get-attachment.asI read a good article in USA Today that I wished to share. The title of the article is “Childhood Bullying Can Linger a Lifetime”. It discusses how someone affected by bullying can develop mental, physical and cognitive health problems. I was unmercifully bullied in school growing up and bullied by my father before going into school due to his alcoholic behavior. I knew that the bullying has always affected my life but I have never understood how much until I entered the residential health facility of Skyland Trial. My continued lack of self-confidence, lack of contentment, or the feeling of never being satisfied has impaired my thinking so many different times. Also my heightened intolerance of being disrespected in my adult life after being disrespected so much from my peers growing up simply due to my lack of physical coordination. We all have our talents and sports is not one of mine.




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