Career stategies

I have been seeing a therapist who is also a career counselor outside of Skyland Trail. In one of our sessions he threw me for a loop by telling me that I may wish to reconsider abandoning all together my former career working as an architect and landscape architect. He is concerned about me generating enough income and making sure that the down time that I may have is limited.

In my last session with him we discussed how I might better market myself to sell my artwork. He suggested that I might get into the interior design crowd and concentrate on continued development of my series. He also recommended to follow up on some well established art and antique markets. I have a friend that suggested investigating high school art fairs.

I am doing all that I can at the moment without becoming overwhelmed. If I become overwhelmed I will shut down and I cannot afford to digress so early in my recovery. I keep telling myself that establishing one’s self does not happen over night.


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  1. I am so proud of you for persevering even when you did not feel like it. Sometimes it’s just “showing up” that can make the change. But I do know, when struggling with depression, that “showing up” can seem daunting. Yea, Michael!

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